It’s time to move on! My Sibling® and My Pal Dolls® will no longer be sold by creator Loretta Boronat. Thank you for being such wonderful customers over the years!
You can purchase the dolls and clothing from Heather Beatty at Dandelion Dream Dolls. If you have questions, you can e-mail her at or call her (toll-free) at 1-888-291-DOLLS (3655).
I couldn’t have found a better person to carry on the love for boy dolls that we started here at! You will still be able to give your children the opportunity to “Care, Learn and Have Fun” through play with their boy dolls! Sincerely, Loretta D. Boronat, creator of My Sibling® and My Pal® Dolls

18 inch boy doll clothes - pants outfit - red jeans with healthy foods print shirt


Please call Heather Beatty at
1-888-291-DOLL (3655)
or email
to place an order.


  • black tailored shirt with multicolored print that gives healthy eating advice:  "vary your veggies", "make half your grains whole," "you are what you eat," "focus on fruits," "look alive" (see photo of shirt back)
  • shirt has Velcro– like closure in front
  • red jeans with elastic waist
  • red t-shirt sold separately  (doll is modeling red t-shirt as undershirt)
  • black sneakers borrowed from Tommy
       Made in the USA

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