IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: The US Post Office lists their rates/delivery times for Priority Mail as "1 day," "2 day," or "3 day." This is NOT an express shipping service, it is our usual method of shipping, and our customers are not paying a premium for it. The US Post Office ESTIMATES their delivery times, based on shipping from our location in northern NJ to wherever your address is, and states it accordingly.  THIS PRIORITY MAIL PROMISE OF DELIVERY TIME FRAME BEGINS AT THE TIME WE SHIP YOUR PACKAGE, NOT AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. If you place your order after 3:00 pm EST, it will be processed within 1-3 days of the next business day.  We do our best to maintain this work flow, but it will be impacted at different times of year when we have a larger than usual influx of orders.

                                   SHIPPING FAQ'S 

 1.  What is your primary means of shipping orders?

     Answer:  USPS Priority Mail is our primary means of shipping.  Please see explanation above about rates and delivery promises.  We do not charge extra for shipping and/or handling.  We strive to keep our rates as low as possible, by simply passing our cost on to you. Your expectation for delivery to your location should be based upon the promise the post office makes added to the date we actually ship, not the date you place your order.  Usually we ship within 1-3 business days of receipt of your order placed before 3:00 pm EST.  This will change at times of the year when influx of orders is increased tenfold, namely October 1 through December 24.  

2.  Do you ship to Canada?

     Answer:  Yes, we do ship to all provinces of Canada! Our shipping method through the U.S. Post Office:       Priority Mail International

                                       - 70 lb. weight restriction, cost based on weight

                                       - cost is approximately $35, depending on weight

                                       - delivery time is approximately 7-10 business days from date    

                                          we ship

                                       - tracking available

 3.   Do you ship to Australia?

       Answer:  Yes, we do ship to Australia!  We offer the same method as we do for Canada, but the costs are higher. Priority Mail is approximately $55.00 - includes tracking

 4.  Do you ship to other countries?

      Answer:  Yes, we do ship to other countries.  We have shipped to Australia and Canada many times, but also to Peru and Serbia once each. 

 5.  Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

        Answer:  Yes, we use Priority Mail for these states, and the delivery time is about 3 days, cost based on                             weight and distance from NJ.

 6.  Where do you ship from?

        Answer:  Northern NJ

 7.  Do you charge for handling?

        Answer:  No, just shipping, and it's as reasonable as possible.