Caring for your My Sibling or My Pal doll

Some helpful hints to help you care for your My Sibling and/or My Pal doll:

1. When you first receive your doll, he/she may have "hat hair" or "plastic bag hair" so go ahead and fluff it up, and style it!  The hair is rooted, so you can brush it - a wire brush works best, because a traditional hair brush for human hair will not be strong enough, and will also make the doll's hair become full of static.  

2.  You can use a blow dryer, on a LOW setting to fluff up the hair or style it.

3. Dolls can be washed with a damp cloth or sponge and towel dried.  

4. We don't recommend washing the hair, unless you turn the doll upside down so that no water can get in through the holes in the head - the hair is rooted.

5. All our clothing is washable, but we highly recommend that you wash it by hand and hang it to dry.  Fabrics will shrink if machine washed and dried.

Feel free to call our customer service number 973-632-3921 if you have and questions or concerns.

Disclaimer:  THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS ONLY.  We do not accept returns or give refunds if your doll is damaged in any way when you attempt to groom or wash your doll.