18 inch boy doll - NEW - My Pal and Me - 14 choices - DIY and save! - option 3




DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE!  Our newest boy doll collection offers many choices and GREAT PRICES!  

Follow these simple steps to make your doll your own:

1.  Choose the OPTION 3 sweatsuit outfit for your undressed doll from the drop-down box that goes with the choice of doll - see number 2. 

  • royal blue hoodie and pants, red slip-on sneakers
  • camouflage print hoodie and pants, black slip-on sneakers
Sweatpants have elastic waists and sweatshirts have Velcro-like closures in back, so outfits are easy for children to play with and have fun.
    2.  Choose your undressed boy doll by selecting the combination of hair, eye and skin color from the drop down box.
    • SEVEN dolls with different hair, eye and skin color combinations are available - see drop down box for choices

    3. Check out!  It's so easy. No discount codes to remember, same prices always.  

    The choices are yours and the prices of the dolls in this collection are rock-bottom, making it so easy for you to get exactly the right color combination of your doll's features AND the clothing you are seeking.  

    These dolls are not outfitted by us, nor the adults with disabilities who work with us.  Rather, the outfits are packaged with your undressed My Pal doll and you do the rest!  This way, we can offer the dolls in this collection for such a great price!

    We know you will have lots of fun making all the choices - that's why we call this boy doll My Pal and Me!  

     PLEASE NOTE:  The dolls in this collection are not included in any special sales or discount codes.  

    Additional sweatsuits and other outfits are available in clothing and accessories collection.

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