It’s time to move on! My Sibling® and My Pal Dolls® will no longer be sold by creator Loretta Boronat. Thank you for being such wonderful customers over the years!
You can purchase the dolls and clothing from Heather Beatty at Dandelion Dream Dolls. If you have questions, you can e-mail her at or call her (toll-free) at 1-888-291-DOLLS (3655).
I couldn’t have found a better person to carry on the love for boy dolls that we started here at! You will still be able to give your children the opportunity to “Care, Learn and Have Fun” through play with their boy dolls! Sincerely, Loretta D. Boronat, creator of My Sibling® and My Pal® Dolls

Our Brands

My Sibling Dolls 

my sibling dolls collection

My Sibling Dolls are Dolls with a Special Message.  Each 18 inch My Sibling Doll comes with a booklet that contains a story, told from the perspective of a typical child, about what life might be like when a child has a brother or sister with a disability; and also provides educational information about that disability. The stories are written by Loretta Boronat, who knows about these disabilities from personal (has an adult son who has autism) as well as professional experience (special education teacher and advocate). She has based all the stories on real people and their everyday ups and downs of living with a loved one who has either autism or Down Syndrome.

The booklets, clothing and some accessories for My Sibling Dolls are made in the USA. My Sibling Dolls are outfitted and packaged by adults with disabilities at a local sheltered workshop in Montclair, NJ. 


My Pal Dolls 

my pal dolls collection

My Pal Dolls - Care, Learn and Have Fun!  My Pal Dolls are 18 inch boy dolls which come with booklets about important themes for children to learn from, have fun reading, and also to write their own stories. Loretta Boronat created this collection of boy dolls for several reasons. She wanted to expand the reach of her doll business after successfully launching the My Sibling Dolls brand, so that she could bring her mission of advocacy for people with disabilities to more groups of people.

The broader appeal was focused on boy dolls. Loretta discovered that her idea to make her doll characters available as boys was passionately embraced by mothers and grandmothers who had been searching unsuccessfully for an American boy doll, thinking there must be such an item. Since most doll companies are only interested in producing and promoting girl dolls, and do not make an 18 inch boy doll, Loretta discovered that there is quite a demand for the boy dolls she created and branded as My Pal. These handsome dolls are dressed in outfits made here in the United States, of high quality materials and very user-friendly designs, with elastic waists and Velcro-like closures.

The themes that My Pal Dolls address are important ones for children, based on the knowledge Loretta has acquired as a mother and an educator. The slogan for these dolls is “Care, Learn and Have Fun!” which sums up her concept of educating through play. All of the booklets are written and printed here in the United States and are meant to be used by the child who receives the doll as a very personal tool to embrace the theme.