About Us

About Us

LorettaRose, LLC is a family-owned company whose objective is to fulfill the demand for boy dolls in the 18-inch doll marketplace, and provide an opportunity for children to learn about important educational themes through play.  Our focus is on raising children’s social consciousness about caring for their peers and environment.

Our mission is to provide work opportunities for adults with disabilities.  Presently, our dolls are outfitted, packaged and stored in the warehouse by individuals at a local sheltered workshop which shares and supports our mission.  Some workers are involved in building boxes and other aspects of the shipping process. 

History:  We have been autism awareness advocates since 1991.  For many years, we made, sold and distributed our handmade autism awareness items to raise funds for autism research. At that time the internet was not a source of information or a means to “spread the word,” so we relied on reaching out to the public at a local, grassroots level.  We donated 10’s of thousands of dollars to organizations that were focused on research and advocacy:  The National Alliance for Autism Research, Cure Autism Now, and COSAC which is currently Autism New Jersey.

In 2006 we established our not for profit, DannysHouse, Inc., and developed a website www.dannyshouse.org. That year we were interviewed and featured in a Newsweek cover story entitled “Growing Up With Autism” and on the correlating Today Show.

In 2007 we had to close DannysHouse, Inc. to form LorettaRose, LLC.  We kept our charitable mission, however, which continues to serve as the foundation and daily inspiration for the work we do.