18 inch boy doll - My Pal for Tennis


18 inch boy doll with brown hair, brown eyes and medium skin has soft body and pose-able plastic head, arms and legs. Hair is rooted.

  • white tennis shorts
  • white and light blue tennis t-shirt
  • white socks and sneakers
  • white headband
  • doll size tennis racquet 

Complete with 8 page booklet:  My Pal for Tennis

doll clothing and booklet - Made in the USA.

My Pal for Tennis, an 18" boy doll comes with an 8 page booklet in which children can write about their love for tennis, their experiences with playing tennis, or watching their favorite player. Information is also provided about some famous players, and the four major "grand slam" tournaments. 

My Sibling and My Pal Dolls were groomed, outfitted and packaged by adults with disabilities in a local extended employment program until early 2020.  Due to the pandemic, my program had to be closed down for the foreseeable future.  In the interim time my adult son who has autism and I have been doing the work.

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