plush toy - My Pal for Peace BEAR


Plush toy bear sits 11 inches tall, has white fur and a peace sign on his belly.

  • peace sign is fleece fabric - colors will vary 
  • soft, snuggly white fur

Complete with 4 page booklet:  My Pal for Peace

booklet - Made in the USA

My Pal for Peace comes with a booklet in which children can write about their thoughts on becoming a peace maker.  They can read the lyrics to the song "Let There Be Peace On Earth" as an inspiration and prompt for thoughtful consideration of how one person can make a difference.  Children can be exposed to bullying in many aspects of their lives, so we are trying to get the conversation started and help children develop coping skills to find a peaceful solution to problems.  My Pal for Peace is a great companion for anyone, from age 3 to 103, who is interested in becoming a peacemaker! 

My Pal for Peace 18 inch boy doll and 18 inch girl doll sold separately. 

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