18 inch boy doll - My Pal for Autism Awareness - 2 choices


  • 18 inch boy doll with brown hair, brown eyes and light skin; has cloth, fiber-filled body with pose-able plastic head, arms and legs. Eyes open and close, hair is rooted.
  • shorts
  • red t shirt with autism awareness puzzle print trim across chest      red sneakers and white socks

  • autism awareness bracelet

Complete with 8 page booklet: My Pal for Autism Awareness

doll clothing and booklet - Made in the USA. 

My Pal for Autism Awareness is a companion to children who want to raise awareness about the needs of individuals who have autism.  Children can read in the 8 page booklet about how the autism awareness advocacy movement began, and how Loretta Boronat, the creator of My Pal and My Sibling Dolls, got involved in reaching out to the public in this way.   A brief factual description of autism is provided, as well as references for further reading (children's books) and research.  Suggestions for autism awareness activities for children to initiate or participate in are provided.  There are also three lined pages for writing a personal story about their experiences with autism awareness activities, or about someone they know who has autism.

My Sibling and My Pal Dolls are groomed, outfitted and packaged by adults with disabilities who work at a local extended employment program that shares and supports our mission.

Please see our My Sibling Dolls who have brothers or sisters with autismAndy and  Matty 

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