18 inch boy doll - My Pal for Giving Thanks


18 inch boy doll with straight brown hair, brown eyes and medium skin; has cloth fiber-filled body with pose-able plastic head, arms and legs. Eyes open and close, hair is rooted.
  • pants with elastic waste - orange
  • tailored shirt with "thankful" fall print - yellow, orange, green, brown, white 
  • coordinating t shirt 
  • black slip on sneakers 
  • socks
Complete with 8 page booklet:  My Pal for Giving Thanks - all year long! The cover has the phrase "thank you" printed in 15 different languages, to catch children's interest in discovering the many different customs for showing gratitude and giving thanks around the world.
doll clothing and booklet - Made in the USA.
My Pal for Giving Thanks 18 inch boy doll is a buddy that can help children to remember their blessings and give thanks. In the booklet that comes with the doll, they can write their own story about how to give thanks in their faith community, to their family members, and to their friends.  This gives them an opportunity to put their thoughts and feelings into words, and hopefully keep a healthy perspective about how good their lives are. We are trying to teach children to look at the positive and be grateful for the blessings they are given. 
My Sibling and My Pal dolls are outfitted and packaged by people with disabilities who participate in our Work Program.