It’s time to move on! My Sibling® and My Pal Dolls® will no longer be sold by creator Loretta Boronat. Thank you for being such wonderful customers over the years!
You can contact
Heather Beatty by
phone 1-888-291-DOLL (3655) or
to speak to her about your purchase. I couldn’t have found a better person to carry on the love for boy dolls that we started here at! You will still be able to give your children the opportunity to “Care, Learn and Have Fun” through play with their boy dolls! Sincerely, Loretta D. Boronat, creator of My Sibling® and My Pal® Dolls

mask - themes


Please call Heather Beatty at
1-888-291-DOLL (3655)
or email
to place an order.

  • variety of prints with coordinating bindings and ties
  • this collection of masks (themes) are NOT made of vintage fabrics 
  • cotton fabric - high quality, dense thread count
  • interfacing between two layers of cotton fabric
  • ties made of stretchy cotton t shirt type material
  • washable
  • can be dried in a dryer, but maintains shape and lasts longer if air dried
  • worn with pleats facing down
  • tucks at top and bottom for good fit over nose and under chin

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