18 inch girl doll - April - My Sibling


18 inch girl doll with curly black hair, brown eyes and dark skin; has soft body and pose-able plastic head, arms and legs. Eyes open and close, hair is rooted.

  • vintage fabric flowered blouse
  • denim skirt
  • matching denim headband with bow
  • pink plastic slip on sneakers 

{NOTE: Vintage flowered blouse colors and prints may vary.}

  • booklet and April's outfit - Made in the USA

Complete with 8 page story booklet:  April's Almost Perfect Birthday

  • April: is a typically developing 7 year old girl
  • Sibling: Older brother Danny
  • Sibling’s Special Need: Autism
  • Other characters: Mom, & Friends
  • Plot: April has an older brother Danny who has autism. She is concerned about how her birthday is going to pan out, since she starts her day dealing with some of his problem behaviors. Her mother has always taught April to handle situations with love and compassion, so she manages to enjoy her birthday, knowing that her life is not perfect, it’s different, and that’s ok with her. April remembers that she and her brother are siblings first. She will learn from him and grow with him, help him, and above all, always love him!

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My Sibling dolls are outfitted and packaged by adults working at the North West Essex Community Healthcare Network in Montclair, NJ. This gives them training and employment experience sponsored by the My Sibling - My Pal Work Experience Program.

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